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Contract Research Services

Pharmacophore Development

Inte:Ligand has developed several algorithms that support our scientists in generating reliable, accurate and selective pharmacophore models. These models allow performing virtual screening in a significantly broader range than with conventional docking procedures. We can rapidly assess bio-activity profiles for large compound libraries for our customers by using multiple pharmacophore models together with virtual screening.

Our tools, our experience of many years and our extensive validation procedures guarantee the high quality of our interaction models, which we create on behalf of our clients.

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Hit to Lead and Lead Optimization

Together with premium partners for high-quality chemistry services, we offer tailored hit to lead and lead optimization programs. Our partners are supported by Inte:Ligand's superior in silico decision support tools.

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Generation of Customized Virtual Compound Libraries

Focused compound libraries are the key to success in combinatorial chemistry and high throughput screening. Inte:Ligand has developed software for the generation of customized virtual compound libraries with high drug-likeness.

Different algorithms elaborated for virtual library generation enable us to provide a broad range of diverse ideas for lead structures and subsequently optimized drug-candidates for a specific and well-investigated mode of action for our customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Virtual Screening

Pharmacophore-based in-silico screening is an efficient and well established method for filtering large virtual compound libraries. We have access to a library of more than 5 million screening compounds that can be searched through our virtual screening services. In addition, Inte:Ligand's pharmacophore development technology offers rapid access to multiple interaction site models for a wide variety of biologically relevant targets.

By combining Inte:Ligand's research tools we can prioritize hits from high throughput screening, assess risks of side effects early and therefore rapidly identify interesting lead structures for our customers. Service in this area is provided by contract research.

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